Earthing for Earth Day

Getting outside does the body good. There are scores of scientific studies that confirm just how good! But “earthing” takes a walk outside to another, deeper, more healing level. What Is Earthing? Also called “grounding,” earthing simply means walking barefoot on a natural surface like grass, soil, or sand. It’s important to remember that it … Read more

Earth Day and The Five Elements

Our Connectedness with Nature Earth Day arrives on Thursday, April 22. There’s no better day to take some time to remember how connected our own wellness is to the vitality of our planet. All the systems and parts of the natural world are interconnected, and we’re part of it all, too. Created in 1970, the … Read more

How Nature Supports Our Wellness

Spring is an amazing time to reconnect with the natural world. Did you know that being in and around nature actually improves our physical, mental, and emotional health?  Just in time for Earth Day on April 22, it’s time to commit to immersing yourself more regularly and deeply in nature.  Bring some nature indoors. Did … Read more

Managing Migraines

Are migraine triggers a myth? Migraine triggers don’t necessarily cause a migraine; they are simply factors that increase the likelihood of getting a migraine. Triggers play a role in activating the process that leads to a migraine. Not every trigger causes a migraine for every person, even if a person is sensitive to a particular … Read more

Acupuncture for Tension Headaches

Many research studies are proving acupuncture can help ease symptoms associated with chronic tension headaches. One of these studies published by the Cochrane Library concluded a course of six acupuncture treatments can be a viable option in the treatment of “tension-type headaches”. According to the study, participants treated with acupuncture and pain-killers reported their headache … Read more

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