by Charles F. Stueber, DAc, LAc, Dipl. Ac, Nationally Board Certified (NCCAOM)



“Why would I get Acupuncture?”

The four reasons that people get acupuncture are for Pain Relief, Digestive Problems, Internal Organ Problems, Better Health or when their medical doctor tells them they have to “live with it”.

“How does Acupuncture work?”

The needles return the blood flow to the painful area or organ. The blood delivers all the body’s healing properties and natural pain killers.

“What does Acupuncture feel like?”

People often report that they feel some warmth, pressure, or dull aching and that the feeling is unfamiliar but relaxing. Acupuncture needles are very fine, about the size of a human hair. The needles are solid and nothing is injected through them. They have very little in common with the “monster needles” most people remember from their childhood. All needles are sterilized and disposable.

“Do you have to go to school or be certified to be an Acupuncturist?”

Yes. Since 1994, the State of New Jersey requires 3+ years of post-graduate education and a state licensing exam. Acupuncture licenses are issued by the same State Medical Board as your MD.

“Are there different levels of Acupuncturists?”

The highest level of certification is the NCCAOM National Board Certification. Most Acupuncturists never sit for this exam or don’t maintain this certification. It requires significant ongoing education. You should look for the certification.

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