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NEW PATIENT APPOINTMENT – Times for new patient appointments are NOT shown on our online booking site. Please call us and we will schedule you an appointment as soon as possible!

RE-EXAM APPOINTMENT – If you have not had an appointment within the past 12 months or are unsure how long it has been since your last acupuncture appointment, you are in need of a re-exam appointment which is NOT  bookable online. Please give us a call so we can schedule you a re-exam.

ACUPUNCTURE APPOINTMENT – Acupuncture appointments occur in private treatment rooms. If you prefer an adjustable table, please call the office for availability.

CHAIR ACUPUNCTURE APPOINTMENT – Our chair appointments occur in comfortable, reclining Lazy Boy chairs, in a semi-private treatment room that has a curtain closing off the room for privacy. If you’d like a table instead of a chair for a specific time of day or night give us a call and we will try our best to accommodate you!

NOTE:  Appointments cannot be booked or cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment time.  Please call the office.

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