You are not going to get 100% better with one treatment.  Most patients report relaxation and a reduction in symptoms.  This decrease may only last 15 minutes or could last two to five days.  Some patients experience relief the next day.

Unlike your first appointment, you will go directly to a treatment area for acupuncture.  Your appointment will be one hour long.  If you would like an Acugraph, you should arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  Acugraphs are only recommended once a week.

If you’re suffering from it, we can treat it — just ask our staff.  If we can help you, we will tell you.

Typically when people are very young, healthy or athletic in their life, their treatments tend to work better and faster.  The following factors may lead to more frequent treatments:

  • Long suffering with a symptom
  • Having many symptoms
  • Older persons
  • Using many pharmaceuticals
  • Serious illness

For the average person with one complaint/issue the average number of visits is 12. Of course, this could be fewer or many more depending upon the individual.

Charles Stueber prefers to use the style that gets results the fastest and in the most gentle way using the least amount of needles.

To tell the brain about the issue you want us to help you with.

There are little to no side effects with acupuncture.  Most patients see improvement.  Rarely will a person get worse before they get better (one out of 200 ).

A common side effect is relaxation which is different, but can feel like fatigue.  It means your body is in dire need of rest.  It usually doesn’t last once the person gets enough rest. 

A boost in energy is also a side effect, so we encourage our patients not to overdo it the day of their treatments.  Speak to our staff or acupuncturist about any concerns after a treatment.

The pulse is a way for your body to talk to the acupuncturist about what is going on, good or bad, internally regarding the blood flow to an area or organ as well as the patient’s emotional and mental well-being. 

The pulse has more than 27 different qualities and positions that the skilled acupuncturist can feel for and understand. 

It is a way for your body to tell him what is wrong and if the treatment is effective.

The acupuncturist does not always convey to you the results of the Acugraph although he does review the information it provides. 

If he sees anything of note he will bring it to your attention.  Some patterns he will treat based on information from the Acugraph as per his judgment. 

The Acugraph is there for you to see, being a generalized way, your health improvements in how your life habits/stresses attract your health from week to week. 

It is another way for the acupuncturist to get information about you.  The acupuncturist looks for things that are consistently out of range or consistently unstable.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

  • Every patient is on a timer and he may need to pull another patients needles when the timer goes off.
  • The patient needs a period of rest and relaxation after the needles are placed and therefore, the acupuncturist will leave the room for the patient to sleep or meditate.
  • An emergency may occur and we had to accommodate that person in need just like we would accommodate you if needed
  • If you are late for your appointment, he only has time to feel your pulse and put in the needles.

If you believe on occasion that you need additional time with the acupuncturist, you may schedule a 15-minute office consultation.  There is an additional charge for this consultation.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies (separate cost) are offered to our patients from Morgan’s Teas & Herbs.  Administration of those remedies is explained to the patient. 

We offer limbic stress assessments (see our brochure) which are a specialized way of choosing remedy using computer technology which communicates with the body to discover the special needs.

We request three to five-day advanced notice of your need of a refill to allow for shipping delays.

Infections and illnesses such as colds, flu’s, ear infections and allergies (known as wind invasions in Oriental medicine) are, often times, easily treated if addressed within the first 24 hours of onset. 

Acupuncture can help shorten the duration or decrease the symptoms of any of the above.

Please wear clothing that is loose fitting ( Pants that can be moved above the knee and shirts that can be raised above the elbow without cutting off circulation). 

Your acupuncturist will direct you if you need to use a gown.

Adjust the pillows, lead bolsters and temperature of the room before laying down or sitting in a chair. 

The reason we want you to lay down or sit is so that you can relax a moment which will allow you to get a better treatment.

You will lose valuable face time with the acupuncturist if you arrive late and it will interfere with the next patient’s treatment. 

Please make sure that you park your car, use the bathroom, get a drink, pay for your appointment before your scheduled treatment time.

It will save you time.  It will eliminate waiting and you get your preferred appointment.

The purpose of this office is to help as many people as possible in their quest for optimum health and to educate them about the benefits of Oriental medicine so that they, in turn, educate others.

We are one of the largest practices on the east coast because we are the best and we care the most.  We attribute our success for patients and the doctors who refer to us because they care about the health of the people they know.

We do everything in our power to give our patients a unique, caring experience every time they visit the practice. 

You haven’t done everything if you haven’t tried acupuncture.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve your health needs.

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