Make Acupuncture a First Choice Instead of a Remedy of Last Resort

Time and time again, people find relief when they turn to Acupuncture as more and more people in the Western world discover its benefits. Still, it is interesting to read that Acupuncture is often consulted as a last resort by people who have suffered from an adverse condition for a long time.
Here are several cases in point of people who have been helped by Acupuncture after they endured a condition for years, even decades.

Linda had been suffering from severe headaches for the past 25 years. The cause of her condition was isolated to food and inhaled allergies. After trying numerous remedies, her life changed within just several weeks when she began Acupuncture treatments. Im happy to say that after only 3 treatments my headaches are almost gone, and I feel happier and I have a better outlook on life.

Jim Curran didnt wait 3 years, just 1 year before he visited an acupuncturist to seek help for recurring ear infections. Before Acupuncture, his typical trip to a doctor would include having his ear drained and paying $75 for medications. While this was occurring, his hearing in the ear was getting worse. Thats when a friend suggested Acupuncture. Jim admits that little happened during his first three visits. On the fourth treatment, there was a burning sensation in the ear. It felt like it was on fire. I heard a little pop and from that day forward I have never gotten the ear infection back and my hearing has almost returned to normal. He is definitely convinced that Acupuncture works.

Rebecca had been suffering from excruciating dry eyes and insomnia for 3 years. She said she never felt rested as she could never fall into a deep sleep. Her dry eyes were so painful that she said she literally had to peel her eyelids off of her eyes. Countless visits to doctors and even a dietician produced no help. Finally, her last resort was Acupuncture.

Help for Rebecca was not instant, but after 3 visits she had such trust in her acupuncturist that she was determined to continue. I kept going for treatment mainly because she was the only person who acknowledged I wasnt well. But, to my amazement, after 14 treatments I got better overnight. I was amazed that the insomnia, dry eyes and a host of other symptoms disappeared at the same time. Rebecca says that she has been well for a year, and that she has now become an Acupuncture student.

Acupuncture has been known to help people with all sorts of bodily conditions. Many of these people, like the ones here, had pretty much given up hope that any help could be found for what was plaguing them. And, frequently, in Western culture, many people try lots of other remedies first.

One day in the near future, as more and more folks find out that Acupuncture does indeed work, people may seek out an acupuncturist first and save a great deal of time and money on the way to better health.

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