Recent Testimonials from Patients…

10/2/12 “very impressing; nice and knowledgeable stuff! Ericka and Jennifer are taking very well care of me! Thanks”

10/1/12 “It was great. I will be continuing to go back as long as the results are the same!”

9/20/12 “Very relaxed and comfortable environment. Fantastic people who actually take time to listen and communicate. ”

9/7/12 “Jennifer was very professional and explained all aspects of the treatment.”

7/10/12 “Very thorough, I was able to experience relief from my discomfort on my on the first visit.”

6/25/12 “Great and friendly place! Definitely recommend this everyone!”

6/20/12 “I was impressed with the amount of time the doctor and staff provided. Very caring staff!”

6/16/12 “Excellent! Charlie Steuber has changed my life (really). Go, Go , Go! ”

6/6/12 “Had my first appt today 6/6/12 and it was wonderful, staff is nice & helpful and my experience was just lovely. Never had acupuncture before so they prepared you for everything. Nothing to it and I immediately feel better! WOW I can’t believe it…”

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