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Early June 2020 I was admitted for a partial bowel obstruction and intestinal blockage. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 16 so I have dealt with that before, except this time the pain was not alleviating.  On June 13, 2020 I perforated and was sent for emergency surgery where they performed colon reconstruction.  When I was released I began acupuncture treatments here with Dr. Alex. I noticed during the healing process I was having extreme pain after a bowel movement.  After the first week I noticed improvements immediately.  By week two the pain after a bowel movement had subsided.  By August 2020 I was scheduled for a colonoscopy to ensure my Crohn’s was not returning.  August 18th I was declared to be in remission.  No signs of Crohn’s in my digestive track. Acupuncture is working tremendously for my recovery and my other needs like anxiety.  Dr. Alex is very gentle and easy to work with because she adheres to your needs and works diligently.

                     J. Williams 10/2020


Excellent well trained staff and Dr. Alex is very concerned with the patients health and overall well being. She took as much time as I needed to ensure that she was going to be able to help me become well. I’m definitely going back.

S. Mann 3/19/2020

Office is welcoming & knowledgeable. Facility is cozy & comfortable. Acupuncturist Alexandra Stueber inspires confidence, is well skilled and a good listener. My first ever acupuncture treatment went very well. I felt no discomfort with 8 needles in different meridians of my body for half an hour. Have made return appointment..

                                                                                          Dienne 2/8/2020

 Everyone there was super nice and welcoming. Charlie is a very experienced and smart acupuncturist. The acupuncture really works and it’s amazing. My fiancé was able to move his foot again in ways that he wasn’t able to these past few months due to nerve damage. Will definitely be going back for more treatments.

Christina N. 9/20/2019


“Great all around from staff to facility to treatment! Buying more sessions to get rid of multiple symptoms. Charlie is genuine and well informed. I suggest this facility to anyone whose been suffering from health issues to try it!

Stella B. 3/12/2019


“”Had a great first visit. Took the time to explain acupuncture – how it works and listen to issues bringing me there. Sets realistic expectations. Felt difference after first session. Ready to go back for continued treatment.

Iris B. 10/9/2018

“I’ve been thinking about this for some time. My experience with them was outstanding. I’ve already had some results in only one session. Charlie and his staff are friendly, accommodating an easy to deal with. They answer all your question and have an amazing follow up program. They have won me over and I will be staying with them.

R. Wilson 8/13/2018


I have been on pain medication for over 2 years. A car hit me in 2015 and made my already bad situation horrible. Been on all types of medicated drugs. Finally decided to get acupuncture. Its my 6th session and after my 2nd session I was off all meds. Doctors were going to do laser on my nerves so that I would not feel the pain. I now feel little pains, nothing for me to be on any meds!!! Thank you Charlie Stueber!!! I meant to also say that they are very nice and caring staff. Love it!!! On my way to total healing!

                                                                                                                                                                                 Magali A. 10/01/17

I came here 4 years ago because of numbness and pain from my shoulder through my fingers. Doctors put me in therapy and gave me Vicodin which neither did any good. After 4 visits I’ve been pain-free for 4 years. Went back because of chronic lower back pain and after 2 visits I feel so much better. I recommend Charlie and acupuncture to anybody that has any kind of pain issues.”

                                                                                                                                                                           Greg S. 8/3/17

This was the most rewarding doctors appointment I think I’ve ever been to. This morning I woke up 95% pain-free first time in five years thank you Charlie!!

Marguerite H. 7/20/17


I experienced terrible sciatica and lower back pain for over a year. With just a few treatments my pain subsided for months! I’m a believer!

                                                 B. Johnson 7/15/17

My first time trying acupuncture and I can honestly say it won’t be my last. When I walked in the environment is so quiet and relaxing. You feel de-stressed when you arrive. You meet with Erica first and she asks you questions to understand acupuncture and your needs. Next, you meet with Dr. Charlie. He’s so kind, pleasant and explains everything in a matter of understanding. The needles didn’t hurt. I am glad I opened up myself to something new!

T. Sabine 7/14/17

I had been suffering for over six weeks with all kinds of pains. Even told by my orthopedic doctor that after 3 cortisone shots for arthritis in my shoulder that I would probably have to have shoulder replaced. One visit and Charlie reduces the pain to only lite pain when the weather changes. My first visit I went in using a cane and needed my husband to help me.  After treatment, I walked out with no cane or assistance and have been walking ever since. I will go to acupuncture before a medical doctor. Charlie and his staff are the best.

MaryAnn M. 6/30/17

I had acupuncture treatments with Charlie years ago and my knee problem was resolved within a few visits – don’t remember how many – and I’m sure I’ll get the same results this time. I went this evening and I’m looking forward to good results again this time.

Arlene B. 3/30/2016

“Warm, caring, relaxing environment. Charlie is attentive and adaptive in his treatment modality. The staff is receptive and flexible in addition to courteous and open. When you arrive, be sure to go with the “flow” . . . .?

Chas W. 7/2015

“Before going to Hamilton Acupuncture, I had Back pain for 3 weeks from a fall down steps. After my FIRST treatment, I did not have any pain that evening. (pain would usually start around 3Pm and ease up around 8PM. ) I would highly recommend Charlie Stueber and Hamilton Acupuncture. I feel great! Hope this continues! I certainly will be returning for further treatments.”

Sylvia S.

“I would highly recommend to anyone looking for pain relief. I?m just sorry I didn’t try this first instead of as a last resort. The staff is professional and great to deal with. There are plenty of places within 2 miles of my house that I could go for acupuncture, but I would rather drive 45 minutes each way every week to come here?

Christa F.

“It was an amazing experience. Charles Stueber was my acupuncturist, and he was great! I’d highly recommend giving this a try! “

Chad L.

“This is a wonderful place with the nicest and friendliest people around! I have never been to a medical facility in which the staff cared so much about their patients. I felt extremely cared for, listened to, and so willing to help. I liked it so much that now my husband is going to go!”


“I was up at night with arthritic knee pain and had difficulty getting out of a chair after sitting for any length of time. Knowing I needed knee replacements but not a candidate for the surgery I was looking for any relief other than painkillers/anti-inflammatories. I had shots of cortisone, physical therapy, plus numerous prescriptions and yet I still had stiffness, swelling, and pain. My doctor advised me to give Acupuncture a try and that it had great success with several other patients in my similar situation. I made the appointment with Charlie Stueber and had three treatments in two weeks and some of the pain started to ease up. Each week it got better. I had seven treatments and the terrible pain is gone. I’m thankful for my doctor insisting that I go give Acupuncture a try. I am also thankful to Charlie Stueber and his staff for putting any concerns I had about receiving treatment to rest and most importantly FOR GETTING RID OF MY PAIN!”

Diane H.

“I came to see Charles after chiropractic and traditional medicine failed to relieve extreme pain down my arm. After two treatments, the pain was gone! I have continued treatment for stress and general well-being. Friends and family have noticed how much calmer I am. After LSA test and some homeopathic remedies, I am feeling and sleeping better.


“The most interesting experience I’ve ever had. It took away the physical cravings (of smoking) after the first treatment! It was amazingly easy.” It makes you feel different in a good way and now acupuncture has alleviated my cravings entirely! I am glad I gave it a try. It’s great. I love it!”

Donna L.

My eight-year-old son struggles with severe learning issues and his physical coordination was behind his peer group by several years. For eight months I watched his LSA (Limbic Stress Assessment) treatment path and knew we were on to something very important. Spring came and my son was a changed little boy who easily fit in with his peer group on a physical level. Also, his nervous gestures were cut by 75%. I learned our children’s bodies could be a toxic cesspool that prevents their normal development. I just started LSA testing my eleven-year-old daughter because she suffers from attention related issues. I feel this test is a must for any child who is challenged in any way. Thank you, Charlie Stueber, for your compassion!

Linda E.

I am a 64 year old grandmother who sought out Charlie Stueber after a good friend of mine referred him to me for help with a lower back injury that caused me to limp in pain. I am on my 6th Acupuncture treatment in 2 months and I am not limping anymore and the pain is gone! I do acupuncture with chiropractic care once a week and it has lowered my tension levels and allowed me to alleviate not only my lower back pain but even my “old age aches”.

Magaret T.

I am a 48 year old male and work out religiously. I have had problems with my left shoulder for years and it sometimes prohibited me from doing certain exercises. After just one treatment with Charlie Stueber I came home and told my wife that he is a miracle worker. My shoulder hasn’t felt like this great in years! My range of motion was unbelievable and I was truly a skeptic going into the appointment. He made a believer out of me and now I am recommending acupuncture to my brother who also has been suffering for years with back pain. Thank you Charlie! I can’t wait until my next appointment.

Joe P.

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