The Coronavirus + Traditional Chinese Medicine = Hope for Your Health


By Dr. Alexandra Stueber, DACM, L.Ac

It’s now 9 days since the last blog post, and COVID-19 is officially here. We have curfews in place and slowly but surely the country is coming to a halt. More than 10,000 people worldwide have passed from COVID-19. Seems like we’re in a movie. It also seems like now’s the time to panic, right? Wrong.

Before we begin, it is important for us to emphasize that Hamilton West Windsor Acupuncture is not trying to minimize the impact this virus can have on our community. This post is meant to offer a bit of solace and comfort in this difficult time.

91% recovery rate. That is an important number for you to remember. 91% of people, including those that have a pre-existing condition, will recover. Exclude those with a pre-existing condition and the recovery rate goes up to above 99%. As the number of people tested increases, so does the number of cases identified. But, as that number rises, keep this number in mind: 91%. That is the percentage of people who contract COVID-19 that will recover.

Those who are most at risk for complications related to COVID-19 are individuals with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, hypertension, and people who are otherwise immunocompromised. Those people should take extra precautions to avoid contracting the virus.

This week we have seen “social distancing” take over as our new normal. This step will help slow the spread of COVID-19, so as to not overwhelm our healthcare system. The ultimate goal is to not only protect ourselves, but each other.

What else can you do besides stay home and wash your hands? Chinese Medicine has some answers for you. Chinese herbs can boost the immune system. Acupuncture can boost the immune system and reduce stress. If you are symptom-free and able to leave your home, call us to make an appointment. We have taken extraordinary steps in our practice to ensure your safety during your visit. If you are self-quarantining, our staff is happy to get an immune-boosting herbal formula to you!

We have a wealth of tools at our disposal at Hamilton West Windsor Acupuncture to help you through this crisis. While we need to take the situation seriously and follow the guidelines we have been given, we also can be proactive. Remember, of the 216,822 reported cases of COVID-19, 91% have recovered. Stay safe and healthy, and let us know how we can help.

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